Advanced Courses

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Advanced courses are available to each and every one of our students. Any student who is interested in taking advanced courses can contact the BHS Guidance Office at (607) 762-8211.. All students can take advanced courses free of charge.

BHS offers a variety of advanced courses that are geared toward putting your child on the path to the higher learning and career opportunities they wish to pursue. Click each below for a full listing and description of each course.

Taking advanced courses in middle and high school can have several benefits for students:

  • They prepare students for college with higher expectations and rigorous coursework

  • Students develop important skills like writing, research, advanced math, problem-solving, critical thinking, collaboration, teamwork, time management, and meeting deadlines

  • Colleges look favorably on students who take advanced courses

  • Students can earn college credits in high school, which can save time and money

  • Advanced courses are weighted, which means they can boost Grade Point Averages

You can find all the details about our advanced courses in the Binghamton High School Curriculum Guide, which can be found by clicking here

We make sure to support all students in advanced courses, both academically and non-academically. Teachers provide extra help during class, and through our partnership with Binghamton University Upward Bound Math and Science, we offer additional tutoring during and after school.