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Reflections Theme Deadline: Oct. 26, 2018

Reflections Deadline for student entries is Jan. 4, 2019 

Reflections: Student Entry Portal

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Reflections' Promise: 

To help all students explore their own thoughts, feelings and ideas, develop artistic literacy, increase confidence and find a love of learning that will help them become more successful in school and in life. 

How does it work?

Students REFLECT on a common theme and use their imagination to CREATE original works of art. All participants CELEBRATE and share their artistic works with their family, school and community.

2018-2019 program theme: 

Heroes Around Me
An annual theme is determined by the National PTA Reflections Theme Search Contest. Students may enter their theme idea according to state program guidelines.

Reflections Checklist for Success

Dear Students,

Congratulations on deciding to participate in the National P T A Arts Program Reflections! Before you get started, please review all the guidelines for your arts category – it is heartbreaking when an entry is disqualified. When you are ready to submit, refer to the checklist below. Your B H S P T S A is excited to show the rest of our region and state how artistic and creative our students at Binghamton are. Entries will be judged by independent judges who are experts in each category. The top two entries from each category will advance to the Southeastern Region competition. From there, one winner from each category will advance to N Y S competition, and possibly on to National. Last year we had entries move on to N Y S competition!

To give yourself the best possible chance of moving on to the next level, please go over the following checklist that we have developed to help you succeed. Remember, this is your work – teachers, friends or relatives are not allowed to edit, assist or suggest changes; but they may help you to review and follow guidelines, rules, and make sure you have filled out the entry form completely and correctly.

For your work:

Did you carefully consider and interpret the theme “Heroes Around Me”?

Read all guidelines for your category – did you follow all rules for dimensions, print or file size, time limit, word count, format, etc?

Is your name, school, category and grade division written on the back of your art piece?

Writing pieces – if you typed it on a computer – did you use spell check and grammar check? If it is handwritten – is it legible? Print neatly and proof read it! Do not make it double sided.

Photography – we recommend printing on Photo Paper, as opposed to computer paper. It will greatly increase the impact of the image. Please contact the PTSA if you need help to acquire photo paper.

Entry Form – is it complete and legible?

Unless you are 18, you must provide a phone and email for a parent. A mailing address is required as well – the PTA needs to know how to return your work to you later.

Print neatly – if we cannot read your form, we won’t know who you are or how to contact you.

You and a parent or guardian must sign the form!

Title of Artwork: Give your work a title. This is important for many reasons. It shows pride in what you have created, helps the judges to understand your interpretation of the theme, and gives the judges a way to identify your work when judging since they will not see your name.

Artwork Details:

Dance and Film – you must cite all music used – music title and the artist.
Music – provide the name of the musicians playing, and what instruments were played?
Literature – what was the total word count for the essay or poem?
Photo/Visual Arts – list the materials used and the dimensions of the entry
Artist Statement - an entry cannot move on without an artist statement. Be mindful of the word count requirement. Attach a separate paper if it won’t fit or is being typed (use spellcheck.) Your statement will help the judges to understand how you interpreted the theme. If they see no relation between the art and the theme, you will receive a low score.

About National Awards and Prizes

Each year, 1,000 student submissions are reviewed at the national level by arts and education experts. Our judges look for personal interpretations on the program theme that best exemplify creativity and technical skill.

Prizes for Students and PTAs

Outstanding Interpretation Awards: 1 per arts category and special artist division.

An expense-paid trip for student honoree and one adult to showcase work at the National PTA Awards and Reflections Celebration
$800 Young Artist Scholarship

Gold medal and certificate

Recognition in the traveling art exhibit and online gallery

$200 Outstanding Local PTA Award

Awards of Excellence: 3 per division of each arts category and 1 special artist of each arts area.

$200 Young Artist Scholarship

Silver medal and certificate

Recognition in the traveling art exhibit and online gallery

Awards of Merit: 5 per grade division of each arts category

Bronze medal and certificate

Recognition in the traveling art exhibit and online gallery