Virtual Academy

What is the BHS Virtual Academy? 

Binghamton High School’s Virtual Academy is a half-day program where students learn online for half of the day and can either attend BHS in person for half or attend BOCES for half. It is taught by certified BHS teachers and provides the same curriculum as in-person classes. Students in 11th and 12 grades can take English, Math, Science, and Social Studies classes with daily LIVE Zoom instruction. In addition to virtual classes, students have access to additional academic support and enrichment, and social and emotional support. Students
in the virtual academy have 24/7 access to Google Classroom for all class materials and assignments.
  • Requirements

    Students must apply
    Students must have an established history of good attendance
    Students must be in good academic standing
    Students must not be repeating a course(s)

Virtual Students are still BHS students who are able to: 

Participate in sports
Participate in clubs, activities, plays etc. 
Attend all school functions such as sporting events, dances, proms, senior class trip, senior picnic etc. 
Attend BOCES