Good Morning Binghamton Patriots!
Today is June 8 and it is Day 5

Students taking a Regents exam must NOT bring their phones to the texting location. They should be putting them in their lockers or checking them in to the College and Career Center. NO technology will be allowed in the testing rooms.

Attention Seniors who are doing the Senior Walk on Monday. Please meet in the Commons at 11:50 so we can leave BHS at Noon. Again - we need to leave BHS at noon, so please arrive by 11:50 with you cap and gown.

There will be BOCES on Monday June 11. Both morning and Afternoon session buses will run. Again, there will be BOCES on Monday June 11.

Review on Friday, June 8 from 3-5 p.m. in US History (B302) has been cancelled until Monday, June 11 from 3-5 p.m. in room B302 with Mrs. Phelps.

Bring Back Those Books
Students and teachers, please lend me your ears,
I’ve a library message that you need to hear.
Our books you have borrowed the entire school year,
But now is the time to return them, I fear.
Return them today, or things may get gory;
We must have them back for the annual invent-tory.
Please do not tarry, don’t think of yourself;
Our books really need to be back on the shelf.

Check backpacks and lockers and under the bed,
If you bring back those books, you’ll have nothing to dread.
But if you neglect our request and our plea,
We will hunt you down, and it may get ug-ly.

So, as you wrap up the school year, please hear what I say:
Please bring back the books-students this very day!

If nobody told you they love you today, remember that here at Binghamton High School, we do.