Student holding a binder full of scholarships

You might not win every scholarship you apply for, but if you don't apply you will win none

Rod Serling Memorial Foundation Scholarship (Deadline: 5/11/2018)

Harmony Club of Binghamton Scholarship (Deadline: 5/12/2018)

St. Vincent De Paul Blessed Sacrament Women's Club Service Career Scholarship (Deadline: 5/14/2018)

Frank Wilson Memorial Scholarship (Deadline: 5/11/2018)

Iva T. Coleman Memorial Scholarship (Deadline: 5/11/2018)

Binghamton Breakfast Rotary Scholarship (deadline 5/16)

Marine Sgt. Lawrence D. Peters Scholarship (Deadline: 5/16/2018)

BBBC Sports Management Scholarship (Deadline: 5/22/2018)

Binghamton Sertoma Scholarship for Students Studying Speech Pathology/Hearing Rehabilitation (Deadline: 5/25/2018)

Binghamton Sertoma Scholarship for Students who are Speech/Hearing Impaired (Deadline: 5/25/2018)

2018 Colwell Law Group Single Parent Scholarship (Deadline: 5/31/2018)

The CHW Scholarship Fund (Deadline: 6/1/2018)

Dollars for Scholars is a national volunteer organization whose goal is to award money to high school students who are going to college. These awards are made possible through the efforts of the community.
Donations come from the community; raised by community volunteers including many BHS students, led by a board of directors made of community members.
Click here for information.
You can also help raise money online just by adding "Goodsearch" as your search engine. To do this go to and pick Binghamton High School Dollars for Scholars as the charity you are raising for. Set it as your homepage or under your favorite bar and you're all set to go happy searching!

If you prefer, you can mail your contribution to:
Dollars for Scholars, Box 272 Southview Station, Binghamton, NY, 13903.
Dollars for SCHOLARS
GoodCall Scholarship Search Engine
Scholarship Guidance
Discover - College Covered Scholarships