End of Year Information for BHS Seniors

BHS Expectations for Graduation

Participation in the Binghamton High School Graduation Ceremony is voluntary. Any student who chooses to participate should understand that this will be a formal, dignified ceremony.

1. This is your last activity as a Binghamton High School student – make it the best one! Take PRIDE in your actions throughout the entire program.

2. Report to the Arena by 12:15 PM on Sunday, June 24, 2018.

3. Assemble outside the Arena on Stuart Place. This is where the procession will be formed.

4. Do not bring purses or other articles with you, including flowers. There is nowhere to check them.

5. Gentlemen – Shirt with collar-preferably white. Dress slacks --- No jeans, No shorts, No sneakers, No sandals. Please wear socks. Suit jacket not required under gown.

6. Ladies – No jeans, No shorts, No sneakers, No casual sandals, No flip flops.

7. Ladies – Please remember your cap when planning your hairstyle.

8. Wear caps solidly on your head rather than on the back of your head.

9. Tassels are worn on right side of cap throughout program then moved to the left after receiving their diploma. It will be announced when to move them from right to left at the end of the ceremony. 

10. Walk with your head up and your shoulders back; stay even with your partner.

11. No alterations to the caps or gowns will be allowed. This means tape, drawings, corsages, etc.

12. The cap and gown are yours to keep as a memento. To be respectful of all graduates, please hold your celebration until after the last graduate has returned to their seat.

13. All pictures are to be taken prior to graduation and prior to 12:30 PM Please ask your guests not to exit the stands and approach the main floor during the ceremony to take pictures. It causes congestion, is distracting and it is a potential safety hazard.

14. No gifts are to be sent to the Arena. There is no one who will receive them.

15. Your graduation gown should be ironed. (Be careful…the material is fragile. Use a low setting on your iron).

16. Orchestra – seats will be saved for you. After the music selection, take your seat with the class.

17. Remember to pick up your diplomas after the ceremony.

REMINDER: Rehearsal will be on Friday June 22, 2018 at the Arena at 1:00 PM. Please be prompt.
Important Dates

When: Fri, June 22
Where: at the Arena 
Time: 1 PM-- Please be prompt

When: Sun, June 24
Where: Floyd L. Maines Memorial Arena
Time: 1 PM (Seniors are to be at the arena by 12:15 p.m.)


Seniors are to be at the Arena by 12:15 PM with cap and gown. DO NOT PARK IN FRONT OF THE ARENA. Come earlier if you wish to take pictures with your family. Try on your gown before today. Please iron or press the wrinkles out using an iron on the cool setting.

REMEMBER to pick up your diploma after the ceremony.
Please ask your guests not to exit the stands and approach the main floor during the ceremony to take pictures.