Social Studies Resources

9/11 Resources

9/11 Memorial:Teach + Learn
The embedded video and audio on the interactive timeline brings voices from the hijacked airplanes and from observers on the ground.
America Responds
PBS maintains an archive of related resources and analysis.
How to teach about 9/11?
September 11: A Memorial
Site lists those who died and obituaries.
September 11: Bearing Witness to History
The Smithsonian's National Museum of American History collects artifacts and
stories right after September 11 that include physical objects, images and audio recordings. Visitors are invited to share their own "Bearing Witness" stories which are archived.
The 9/11 Commission Report
The National Commission on Terrorist Attacks upon the United States was charged with preparing a full account of the circumstances surrounding the tragedies, including preparedness for and response to the attacks, and recommendations to guard against future
The September 11 Digital Archive
Uses electronic media to collect, preserve, and present the history of September 11 and its aftermath.
The September 11, 2011 Documentary Project
Collection includes sound and video interviews, photographs, drawings, news clippings, written narratives, emails, and other artifacts. Support materials for teachers at http://www.loc.gove/teachers/classroommaterials/connections/september11/

Documentary Heaven
is a free site that has organized more than 1600 documentary films covering all kinds of topics in science, history, politics, business, and many more categories. The videos are sourced from a variety of services.
The high quality documentary films and images focus on exploring the world and the work of non-profit organizations around the world. The films and images are organized by destination. There are twelve destinations in all including China, Tibet, and the Middle East.
features documentary films of American life about various demographic segments of the population as well as films about regions of the country. Most of the films appear to be between thirty and sixty minutes in length.

Top Documentary Films

serves as a directory of documentaries. Each documentary includes a screen image, a summary, and either an embedded video or a link to the source where you can watch the film for free.

General Resources

American Rhetoric
Database of and index to 5,000+ full text, audio, and video versions of public speeches, sermons, legal proceedings, lectures, debates, interviews, other recorded media
events, and a declaration or two.
BBC's Witness Podcasts
offers short audio recordings of newscasts and interviews with people who experienced historical events first-hand. There are currently 168 episodes in the series.
Department of State's Background Notes
provides online "Lessons in Looking," a guide to Web resources, forums, essays,
reviews, and classroom activities to help teachers incorporate visual evidence into their classrooms. Browse websites by subject area. Student resources are interactive activities.
European Virtual Museum
is the product of collaboration between 27 European museums that makes artifacts of European history available in interactive 3D form. Images can be rotated for optimum viewing. Browse through the collections by chronology,geographic area, object type, contributing museum, routes, and tour itineraries.
Historic Map Works
is an online gallery of hundreds of historical maps. Browse for maps by continent, country, state, and province. Downloading the map images is not free. But you can view
more than half of the maps as Google Maps overlays using Historic Map Works’ free Historic Earth Basic.
History and Politics Out Loud
A searchable multimedia database documenting and delivering authoritative audio relevant to American history and politics.
History Buff
provides FREE primary source material focusing primarily on HOW news of events in American history were reported in newspapers of the time. It also includes panoramas of historic sites in America.
Holocaust Home Page
Part of Shamash: The Jewish Network site. The page includes links to Holocaust photographs, Holocaust denial sources and documents to refute such claims, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, and more.
National Archives Catalog
contains many primary documents, images and maps available from the National Archives and Records Administration.
National Geographic Site for Educators
Old Time Radio Network
This library of resources is free and contains over 12,000 shows available for instant listening.
On this Day in History
Enter a date between 1800 and 2002 to discover the headlines of the day, top songs, average wages, and more.
displays 360 degree panoramas of all of the UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Picturing America
provides online "Lessons in Looking," a guide to Web resources, forums, essays,
reviews, and classroom activities to help teachers incorporate visual evidence into their classrooms.
Talking History
is an oral history website produced by SUNY Albany for the purpose of sharing history lessons and audio artifacts.
The British Museum
The Center for Civil War Photography
Offers 3D images in their photo essays about the Civil War. Of course, to view the images in 3D you will need a pair of 3D glasses.
The Triangle Factory Fire
Home page links to four sections: Learn about the Fire (the story of the fire, original documents, audio and text interviews with survivors and witnesses, and photographs and illustrations); Gain Perspective (a time line of events and a model of the factory’s ninth floor, along with a list of fire hazards); Research Further (bibliographic resources and tips for students on using primary sources); and Commemoration (a list of the victims and information about the fire’s legacy).
The Week in Rap
A week's worth of news, rapped. New every Friday.

create timelines that include text, images, audio, and video. It can be used in English or Spanish.
is a provider of educational and entertaining quiz games about Europe.
U.S. Supreme Court Cases

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